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James Sherlow is Senior Systems Engineer at Avi Networks and heads system engineering efforts for Avi in the UK, Ireland, and South Africa markets. James is an application security and networking expert and has a career that spans several cyber security companies including Palo Alto Networks and Netskope Inc. In his role at Avi Networks, James helps multi-national enterprises to modernise their networks and security posture to deliver applications at scale with a high degree of automation.

Legacy ADC Solutions: The Elephant In The Digital Transformation Room

Look back at the history of IT and you’ll find it littered with hardware – the mainframe, personal computers, servers, network switches, routers – the list goes on, but not for much longer. Complex, fixed and inflexible hardware devices are being replaced with general purpose commodity platforms which, with the right software, can be made to handle just about any task required. Plus you don’t even have to buy the hardware itself any more, just rent it in the Cloud to build the kind of agile software-defined datacentre needed to support the modern digital business. At least that’s the theory and there are, of course, exceptions to this move away from hardware to more flexible software-defined IT. Not least when it comes to the all important task of managing application workloads...