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James Wickes is CEO and co-founder of Cloudview, the world’s first corporate-grade, secure, cloud-based video surveillance system. He is a serial entrepreneur with 30 years’ experience in IT, including setting up Ideal Hardware, which he floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1994 and took to a market capitalisation of £1.5bn. Since then he has held several executive and non-executive advisory roles, launched his own satellite TV channel for the tech market and created a content management system still used by large media firms. He launched Cloudview in 2012.

Why The Corporate CCTV Sector Needs To Embrace Cloud

Cloud computing is no longer purely the domain of the largest corporates and upstart disruptors. It is mainstream for companies of all sizes. But corporate CCTV often sits outside cloud environments. It tends to be managed by facilities rather than IT teams and to languish in an analogue world which leaves it insecure, failing to perform to its best ability, and potentially on the wrong side of the law. What are the problems that bedevil so many existing setups, how can cloud help organisations use CCTV more effectively, and will the General Data Protection Regulation, coming into force next year, be the spur to action that’s needed to push corporate CCTV into the cloud? Leaky Arguments For Avoiding Cloud Only around a fifth of new CCTV installations are digital, despite the widespread ava...