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Jason is the founder of BlueOptima, a company that provides cloud-based Big Data analytics to optimize the operations of software development organisations. He is an experienced executive in the technology arena, with many years of understanding in programme management, software development, and building technology-driven businesses. Jason has worked with front-office Investment Bank trading applications such as Structured Derivative trading platforms within global investment banks such as JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch (now Bank of America Merrill Lynch) and UBS, and has consultancy experience with global brands Accenture and IBM Global Services. Jason’s PhD research at Cambridge University was in the management of globally-distributed software development using quantitative metrics, which formed the basis of the core technology that now enables BlueOptima’s analytics capability.

Intelligent Recruitment In IT

Today, many businesses are focused on streamlining operations through novel technology and revamping customer experiences with a new web and mobile software. All these initiatives require software developers. This means good developers are in greater demand than ever. Companies must not only compete aggressively to recruit good developers, but fill these roles efficiently. Online tests are commonly used to evaluate job applicants’ coding skills. A great tactic for assessing candidates efficiently, but in the longer-term, the value of test scores is undermined by ever-changing tests – and other issues relating to consistency and fairness, outlined below. However, in 2018, tests are combined with smart data analytics, providing hiring managers data that is independent of the particular quest...