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Jay Sitapara is a Technology Consultant at Simform where he provides consultation to Enterprises and Startups in defining and developing their end-to-end cloud-based products. He has helped enterprises in developing SaaS products for global implementation and led major technology initiatives by incorporating Serverless technology.

How Serverless Is Changing The Technology Stack

Continuing from the last decade, we have observed a major innovation in the enterprise IT space. The primary focus of these innovation has been on providing business agility, improving latency and drive cost effectiveness. If we talk about server computing, the units of scaling are becoming smaller, for example, from virtual machines to containers to serverless. In the traditional environment, companies were required to pay a fixed and a recurring amount for using virtual machines to run their websites irrespective of whether their cloud servers are being used or not. With serverless architecture, you only need to pay only for the service usage without any upfront charges i.e. pay-per-execution. In and all, serverless computing is an evolution of cloud computing service models, from IaaS (...