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Jeff Segarra is Senior Director, Product Marketing, Nuance Document Imaging Division. He is responsible for the global team, delivering industry product positioning, messaging and content to help customers globally.

How PDF/A Should Fit Into Your Document Archiving Strategy

Whether the drivers are to move from a paper-based document workflow to a digital one, to save costs associated with print and paper, or to simply dispose of all of those old filing cabinets, organisations of all sizes and in all industries are looking for new and better strategies to archive their important documents. Portable Document Format (PDF) software – and the PDF/A sub-format – are the perfect complement to any organisation’s data-retention policies, but unfortunately, most users don’t know much about the PDF/A format. While this article takes a closer look at it, and how it helps archive and retain critical information, let’s not forget that since PDF was invented, it has revolutionised the way users create, store, share and edit digital information. Because PDF softw...