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Jenna is a freelance writer and business consultant who covers business, technology, and entrepreneurship. She's lectured for several universities, and worked with over 100 businesses over the course of the last 15 years. She's a mother of two kids, and loves to go camping, hiking, and skiing with her family.

How To Manage A Company-Wide Email Migration

Sooner or later, your company may decide to conduct a full-scale email migration, from one provider to another. There are many ways this process can go wrong, and since email is likely your main form of communication, you’ll want to avoid those pitfalls in any way you can. With the sheer diversity of email providers and methods of transition, there’s no single process that can cover every possibility. However, there are some general considerations that can make your process smoother and more reliable.  Choose a new provider and transition process Your first goal should be to choose the right provider for your needs. Consider the cost of the email service, the perks of your subscription (which usually includes other apps), and which email management platforms will be available to your emplo...