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Jeremy has over two decades of distinguished experience in the software and services industry and has worked as a marketing leader within several blue chip corporates across the globe. In his current role as VP International Marketing at Enghouse Interactive, Jeremy is responsible for the commercialisation of the company’s four key solutions across Europe Middle East and Africa. He is an expert in Customer Relationship and Interaction Management, as well as Business Process Improvement and Social CRM and has travelled globally presenting on the key trends in these areas.

Striking The Right Balance Between Automated And Manned: The Big Conundrum Of Customer Service Today

Most businesses have accepted that digital customer service represents the way forward. It is happening, whether they like it or not. What many organisations are wrestling with, however, is what is the right balance between digital and human? When should they use a digital and when a manual approach. The bottom line here is that customer satisfaction is always key. If companies get their automation versus manned service balance wrong, they will end up impacting customer satisfaction – which could cascade down into their brand perception; transaction volumes and value – with potentially disastrous results. The starting point for any business, therefore, should always be understanding and then optimising the customer journey. How do they best set up the customer journey to ensure they achiev...