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Jessica Whitton is an accomplished Internet marketing writer. Having years of experience with copy-writing in various niches and having worked with major brands, she now shares her observations through blogging.

The 5 Biggest Digital Marketing Changes Coming In 2018 And How To Capitalise On Them

Digital marketing is important in today’s industry due to its ability to hyper-target certain customer bases. In fact, most of marketing these days revolves around identifying who the “perfect customer is” and what they are like. From that point on, it is plug-and-play. Being able to customise who to show your ads to is what is growing the digital marketing scale and slowly pushing traditional marketing to the wayside. Such ventures could mean incredible increases in revenue for companies across the world. Or it could mean incredible losses. As amazing as digital marketing is, it is a black hole that gluttonously swallows dollars for the in-experienced marketer. However, by keeping up with digital marketing changes companies have a shot at this online gold-mine. What are those upcomi...