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Joe Muddiman is the General Manager at RADS Document Storage, based in Nottingham, England. RADS provide excellent document storage solutions to businesses throughout the UK, helping to maximise space for businesses, as well as disposing of unwanted documents.

Top Tips For Data Security In 2018

The Internet plays a big part in the lives of millions of people throughout the UK, and with technology and the online world showing no signs of slowing down, it is important to ensure that you keep all of your data protected and away from the wrong people. In order to do this, you should take the correct steps and put the right measures into place. For you to be sure that you have done this, I have created a list of my top tips for data security heading into 2018. 1. Back Up Your Data Although you may never be subject to hacking, data breaches or unfortunate disasters, you can never be sure when any of these will happen, if at all and so it is still essential that you back your data up, just in case. By backing your data up, you are able to prepare for the event that you lose your data, m...

Do You Know The Value Of Data Backups?

Every business uses computers these days, and the thought of losing information, records and secure data fills many with fear. Data tape backup offers peace of mind for anyone who needs to protect their information. For many years, data tape backup has been an effective way to securely store information. With an increasing number of headlines being generated by cyber security breaches, data tape backups are proven to still have their place in business. Disadvantages Of Cloud Backup Cloud storage solutions have become increasingly popular as they are very easy to use. However, the overall security being offered by these cloud providers is sometimes found to be lacking, as it is becoming easier for hackers and attackers to get into them. These attackers are technologically advanced, with mor...

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