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Jonathan Arnold is the Managing Director at Volta Data Centres.

It’s A Hybrid World

Stakeholders in the IT industry – vendors, channel, consultants, analysts and end users – must look at the political world with envy when it comes to the certainties to be encountered at Westminster and beyond! Brexit is an almost guaranteed disaster. For the Brexiteers, we’ll end up being too generous when it comes to the much talked about ‘divorce bill’, and for the Bremoaners, any deal short of the existing one we have as part of the EU will be a disaster. Add in the certainty of financial and personal life scandals, stir with the ongoing will she or won’t she remain as Prime Minster, sprinkle in a pinch of economic meltdown as the lessons of 2008 seem well and truly forgotten (apparently there’s more personal debt now than there was pre that previous crash – oh dear!), and that’s the y...