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Julian Nolan is the CEO and founder of Iprova, a company that uses advanced AI to help companies invent new products and services faster.

Top 5 Unexpected And Potentially Impactful Inventions In The Next Few Years

Whether it’s advanced medical sensors influencing home healthcare wearables or improvements in voice-recognition software laying the groundwork for intelligent virtual assistants in our homes, innovation is a journey more than a destination. For every development in an area of technology, there is an entirely new — and often seemingly unrelated — invention waiting to be realised. For example, global positioning system (GPS) technology was first developed for military use in the 1970s. Despite these military origins, GPS was one of the necessary innovations in delivering commercial self-driving cars almost four decades later. It’s the unexpected convergence of these innovative areas that will ultimately dictate the shape and vision of society and technology. So, what advances will be the mo...