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Julian is the founder and CEO of PORT, a service to make complying with the new GDPR quick and simple for businesses of all sizes. He started and led successful businesses for the last 15 years. A designer by trade, his first startup was Saunders Design founded. It snowballed to become an international consultancy of over 200 designers, serving blue chip clients, with offices on four continents. After he exited this business to a global media group, he began a glass manufacturing business called Ozone that IPO'd on the London Stock Exchange. Recently, he led Allfiled to become one of the leading developers of personal data driven services, the highlight being the conception and delivery of Cheap Energy Club for MoneySavingExpert.com, a service that now has over 3 million members. He has worked on Government working groups to further the empowerment of consumers.

Will GDPR Change How Startups Are Funded?

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a sweeping piece of legislation that will fundamentally  change how data is used, protected and controlled. It has teeth – manifested by its big fines for breaches which the ICO are indicating they intend to exercise. However, GDPR is nothing to be feared. As has been discussed at length, it is a force for good, empowering people, promoting transparency and accountability, and a mechanism to improve marketing, customer service and a host of other business processes. A little talked about aspect of GDPR is how it could change how startups raise funding. There are three areas it could impact. The first is how investors assess the risks and benefits associated with a company. Particularly, how will it collect, store, manage and use private...