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Justin Augat is the head of product marketing at Virtustream. Justin's experience has given him a unique combination of skills, viewpoints, and subject matter expertise that has enabled him to speak comfortably with many different audiences, develop industry views and thought leadership, contribute individually or as a manager, and ultimately produce what is needed to drive a business forward.

Cloud 8 Years Later: ‘Inflated Expectations’ To Enterprise Adoption

It is 2018 and nearly every consumer has heard of, come into contact with or purchased cloud services in one form or another. Many of us are now dependent on cloud benefits as many of the most common life experiences such as listening to music, watching television and learning in a classroom have all been improved by the ability to access, manage and purchase IT resources online. Businesses are no different. Enterprises are now leveraging the efficiency and on-demand access of cloud more than ever to speed innovation, cut costs and improve productivity. But like many other revolutionary solutions before it, cloud faced many obstacles in early adoption. A Look Back At Marketing Hype: Cloud ‘Everything’ As soon as cloud hit its stride in 2010, IT analysts, vendors and customers b...