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Tech addict, the explorer, living with the internet. The passion for technology has never failed to fascinate in every stage of his life. He maintains his own blog Tripontech. Now, he regularly contributes to some of the popular magazines, sharing his experience with the world. His work has appeared in Huffingtonpost and Socialnomics.net.

Cryptocurrency Trading Versus CFD Trading: Is One Better Than The Other?

Do you keep hearing about other people making a fortune by putting their money in the cryptocurrency market? It seems that everyone these days already know about Bitcoin, thanks in large part to its jaw-dropping rise in value back in December 2017. This relatively new investment vehicle has attracted millions of investors across the globe because of its rapid price surge. It only makes sense if you want to get a piece of the action. But to maximise your return on investment, it’s best to know about the two instruments you can use to make money in the cryptocurrency market. Traditional Cryptocurrency Trading Most beginners will be acquainted with digital coins through cryptocurrency trading. This is similar to buying assets such as stocks and bonds. Essentially, you’re exchanging your cash ...