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Kiran Ajaz is a Technical Writer and Publisher at EZOfficeInventory, an event equipment management software for small businesses and beyond. She is also a guest writer and MBA graduate. She is enthusiastic about the way technology interacts with contemporary businesses and enables them to focus on core efficiencies.

5 Reasons Why Event Planners Need To Invest In Event Inventory Management Software

Event planning businesses are faced with some interesting developments these days because of the proliferation of new tech. For example, 44% of all event goers will download an app associated with an event (according to Capterra). As another example, it is estimated that around 26% of events have become virtual or hybridised this year, meaning face-to-face meetings are slowly being edged out in favour of cheap and convenient online meetings!  Amidst all these changes, how can your event planning business aim for success? The answer, of course, is to invest in the technology of your own! Below, we’ll tell you how an event inventory management software can help your event planning venture cut costs, streamline workflows, and take the guesswork out of executing the perfect event! But before w...