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A seasoned specialist with over 20 years’ experience in providing technology solutions that help organisations run faster, better and smarter, Kirit is responsible for growing the EOH footprint across Europe. Kirit’s experience encompasses solution advisory and implementation services, consulting, project and people management and sales and marketing. Prior to EOH, he was senior consultant at Comshare and managing director at Rinedata, where he established a track record for delivering improved business processes, continual customer satisfaction and revenue generation. Kirit is a keen amateur photographer and a long-standing, active contributor to a number of local not for profit causes. Kirit holds a Masters degree in Computing and Accounting.

Cloud ERP Evolution: CFOs Are Realising It’s When, Not If

As every business evolves, it seeks out ways to better manage its growing operations. This evolution is often built on acquiring a complex array of applications – bought and used at different times for very specific business functions. Do you remember when you invested in your first accounting programme, or inventory management or HR system? And the result? A disparate technology landscape that, as it grows and ages, inevitably introduces inefficiencies – leaving companies struggling to maintain clear sight of the bigger business picture and make the right informed decisions. The phrase “many hands make light work” does not apply to the typical siloed business application infrastructure. In our experience, too many employees are dissatisfied by the proportion of time they spend...