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Kong Yang is a Head Geek of the Virtualisation and Cloud Practice at SolarWinds with over 20 years of IT experience specialising in virtualisation and cloud management. He is a VMware vExpert, Cisco Champion, and active contributing thought leader within the virtualisation and cloud communities.

Why Does Troubleshooting In Virtualised Environments Get Overlooked?

Troubleshooting is a foundational skill that all IT professionals should master. It enables them to drill down to discover the root cause of issues that occur in an IT environment. However, troubleshooting virtualised environments often gets overlooked because of time constraints. IT professionals are paid to remediate, and remediate fast. Unfortunately, identifying the root cause of a problem is often a time-consuming task. Technology that includes cloud, virtualisation, hybrid IT, and hyper-converged infrastructures has fundamentally transformed IT. Now, troubleshooting across these distributed systems is more critical and complex than ever. Ultimately, finding the root cause of an IT issue is all about reducing the surface area of the troubleshooting radius. Imagine a circle with the ro...

Embracing Hybrid IT: Complexities And The Skills Gap

In recent years, the adoption of cloud IT services within organisations has increased at a dramatic rate. IT departments are now subsequently facing various hurdles between integrating such cloud services and managing distributed environments. These issues have further been complicated by an increasing lack of visibility, with resources split between on-premises and cloud infrastructure services. This, combined with the ever-present need to develop new skillsets to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology trends, has presented a fresh set of challenges in the day-to-day life of IT professionals.   The Skills Gap For Hybrid IT Concerns  With 92 percent of survey respondents having implemented hybrid IT services in the past year, it’s clear that IT organisations are beginning to realise th...

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