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Kris Beevers leads NS1's team of industry experts as they create products to enable companies to use DNS to build and deliver dynamic, distributed, and automated applications that delight users. Kris is a recognised authority on DNS and global application delivery, and often speaks and writes about building and deploying high performance, at scale, globally distributed internet infrastructure. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from RPI, and prior to founding and leading NS1, he built CDN, cloud, bare metal, and other infrastructure products at Voxel, which sold to Internap in 2011.

The Benefits Of Community In The World Of Internet Infrastructure

Walt Disney was right: it’s a small world, after all. The internet provides the foundation for entire industries, enabling connections that just a few years ago had not been conceived. This connectivity is essential to most businesses today – and to most people. However, despite the enormity and complexity of today’s online applications, the internet functions via a rather small number of systems. Over the years, areas of deep knowledge and operational expertise around these key systems have developed. There are tight-knit and cooperative communities focused on network operations, infosec, email and HTTP, to name just a few. The same is true for DNS, the fundamental system that maps human readable domain names like example.com to the IP addresses computers use to interconnect behind the sc...