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Kritika is a software analyst, working at SoftwareSuggest - an online platform which helps businesses, organisations and professionals in selecting the best software solutions. She is always looking for the opportunities to grow up both professionally and humanely.

What Are The W’s Of Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is the commutation of organisations in terms of processes, models, activities, and even competencies with the aid of digital technologies. The transformation is aimed to accelerate growth and reach the global audience faster and securely.  For organisations to transform successfully, they need to find a perfect mix of digital processes combined with right business model. For example, Amazon’s Kindle has transformed the way people read. From selling paper books online to selling a gadget that eliminates the need of paper books entirely; Amazon is a perfect example of a brand understanding the consumer behaviour, getting into their psyche and bringing out a perfectly balanced digitally transformed product that has a lasting impact. While transforming digitally is vital...