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Lionel Snell is a mathematical analyst with experience in the aircraft and defence industries and secondary teaching. 35 years writing and designing technical literature and promotional material, mostly for IT and telecoms industries, but also management consultancy and corporate governance. Output includes press releases, advertisements, brochures, mailers & letters, white papers, articles, video storyboards and scripts, dramatic and presentation scripts and corporate profiles. Also recognised as highly original writer/thinker on magical, occult or 'new paradigm' topics, including virtual reality model. Several books written under pseudonyms Ramsey Dukes, Angerford and Lea, and Lemuel Johnstone.

Phone Versus Phoney: Thwarting Mobile Fraud

The other day I got a message that some of my credit cards were blocked and could I contact card security? After the expected security questions. they asked if, at a certain date, I had gone online to query a PIN number. No, I would not normally need to do that but – hang on – I did recently lose some data in a burglary and I remember changing all my card passwords. So I might just have checked one of the PIN numbers – my memory is not as good as it once was. Then they asked about one or two “untypical” online purchase attempts at a women’s fashion website and a cosmetics store. Before they could add any detail I laughed out loud: “No way! Definite fraud”. What made me so confident? I am married, and I do buy gifts for my wife… but no, I would never do that sort of shopping online. Why not...