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Louis has worked in the digital industry for 18 years and co-founded digital agency, Code Computerlove, in 1999. In recent years Louis has led on cross-platform strategy and user experience, working directly with many clients, such as Oxfam, Brother, First Group and the BBC. His passion is utilising technology to create engaging customer experiences that deliver results, as well as collecting vintage Lego, digital watches and Transformers.

5 Trends That Will Dominate Digital In 2018

It’s that time again when industry experts predict what will be the key trends in the year ahead. Taking aside the three technology-related trends that are dominating trends talk in 2018,  this is where the digital industry is heading next and what will be the five most significant shifts in digital techniques during 2018. 1. The Year Of The MVP The MVP (minimal viable product) approach has been around for a while now but we’re expecting to see its adoption accelerate in 2018, becoming ‘the accepted way digital is done’. So why will this year be the tipping point? The concept behind an MVP has always been the right approach for digital platform owners, but unfortunately it’s been misunderstood or misused in the wider industry and so stakeholders have been wary of developing their digital p...