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Luke oversees SureCloud's Cybersecurity Solutions. Luke is a recognised cybersecurity expert. He is a CHECK team leader, Tiger Scheme senior security tester, ISO 27001 lead auditor and Microsoft Certified enterprise administrator. Previously, Luke managed the IT team at a large UK insurance brokerage.

Learning Lessons From The 5 Biggest Data Breaches Of 2017

With the threat landscape constantly evolving and cyber-criminals looking for new ways to breach organisations’ defences, maintaining the integrity of the business network and the data that resides there is a growing challenge. By and large, organisations are just about coping with the array of potential threats they are facing, but the growing number of threats can be overwhelming.  In 2017, we witnessed some of the most high-profile and effective breaches ever seen, highlighting that significant breaches have equally significant consequences, ranging from reputational damage to legal investigation. Perhaps this is why more organisations than ever before have a clear understanding of the potential impacts of a data breach. So, with organisations becoming increasingly cyber-security aware,...