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Margarita is Head of Insight at Binary District - a tech community specialising in connecting and training experts in cutting edge technology such as VR/AR, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, security and much more.

What You Know About Blockchain Is A Lie: 10 Myths Revealed

If you’re familiar with the famous Gartner Hype Cycle you could safely argue blockchain and cryptocurrencies are currently taking up residence on the ‘peak of inflated expectations’. With Bitcoin hitting the mainstream at the end of last year, not a day goes by without a deluge of headlines talking up the currency and the technology that underpins it. With all this hysteria it can be difficult to unpick exactly what blockchain is and how it’ll impact businesses. To make life easier, I’ve made a list of some of the most frequent errors people make when they talk about blockchain. 1. There Is ‘One Blockchain’ The reality is that there are numerous blockchains and each blockchain serves a different purpose. Blockchains can be open and public, or they can be privately run by enterp...