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Maria Serikova has over 5 years' experience as a technology journalist; writing on subjects such as mobile, the cloud, IoT, AI and innovation for a range of publications.

Why IoT Is The Driving Force Behind Artificial Intelligence

The sci-fi world described by Asimov over 50 years ago is starting to become a reality, although the process is not new. In fact, the first wearable device, a computer for casino use was designed in the late 50s. Technology has come a long way since then. Smartphones, smart cars, smart lights and more, these are all names describing tools with connectivity and sometimes reaction abilities. Gartner estimates that in 2017 over 8.4 billion “things” will be connected to the Internet, and until now the consumer sector is almost twice as large as the enterprise one, but we can expect a shift in the near future. IoT Applications & Success Stories The technology is already used to provide public safety and energy conservation in Denmark, where public lights have been replaced with movement-tri...