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Mark is a high energy leader, with extensive IT Sales and Marketing experience, working across Europe, Africa and North America. Having joined TIBCO in early 2016, Mark has considerable experience in Strategic Selling and Operational Excellence within Sales and Marketing and knowledge of both direct and indirect business models. Prior to TIBCO, Mark has held roles at companies including SAP and Microsoft and has a proven track record in both large and small enterprises.

Disrupt Or Be Disrupted: The Danger Of Inertia

While the likes of Uber and Airbnb might have caught the headlines of late for their disruption of the status quo, advances in technology are making it possible for transformative business interactions to be day-to-day occurrences. As customer expectations change, and in a world demanding immediate gratification, same-day deliveries, and more interactive and satisfying shopping experiences are now the norm. Such heightened expectation from the customer has a dramatic impact upon the supply chain as a whole. The resulting effect has been the necessity for businesses of all shapes and sizes to create new business models and changes in value streams. Only then are they truly able to compete in today’s dog-eat-dog digital world. The harsh reality is in fact most serious. If businesses to...