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Martin is part of Lyceum Capital’s investment team sourcing, structuring and executing both platform and portfolio add-on acquisitions. Since joining the firm in January 2009, Martin has worked on more than 20 software & technology platform and add-on investments. He currently sits on the board of Totalmobile. Martin has a MA in Law from Cambridge and is a qualified solicitor with over 15 years of deal experience.

Automation: Injecting Value Into Your Software Business

Business functions are ripe to benefit from accelerating developments in automation. Across sectors businesses are investigating or trialling automation in customer service systems, human resources processes such as prioritising job candidates or in financial services, where insurance companies use automation to triage claims and automatically calculate the cost of damage repairs. Even services typically viewed as bespoke to the customer, such as legal advice, can adopt automation if the underlying data set is sufficiently large. Businesses in the B2B software market stand at the vanguard of this change where the rewards can be huge. But there is also risk. Turning a blind eye to the revolution in the provision of business services means your software business could face obsolescence, or a...