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Mathias Lanni has helped some of the world’s leading brands take advantage of new emerging technologies to reach and engage their audiences. Through 20+ years of brand marketing experience Mathias has helped large national advertisers incorporate paid search, display advertising, conversation analytics, social media marketing, social advertising, web & app development into their traditional marketing plans. Before Velocidi, Mathias was a founding member of Edelman Digital, the world’s first global social media agency, where he led global scaling plans for the agency.

Top 5 Ways Marketing Has Changed Through Big Data

It goes without saying that the Internet and the digital revolution have reshaped nearly every aspect of business, but one of the industries which has been most impacted is marketing. Marketing and advertising tactics went for nearly a century with only minimal revision, which led to a lot of agencies becoming a bit complacent. Then when the digital revolution hit and totally reshaped how consumers and brands interacted, most marketers were caught completely off-guard. Even now, after 10-20 years to adjust, the industry is only beginning to get its bearings again and start embracing the potential in electronic data. Understanding such trends is at least as important as a company’s own data handling practices. Data must have context to be relevant or useful, and in this case, that con...