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Mehul Rajput is a CEO of Mindinventory, a leading mobile app development company. He blogs as a hobby and loves to write on mobile technologies, app development and mobile apps.

Chatbots: The Ideal Gateways To Upsurge The Attention Of Users

When the mobile phone evolved around two decades ago, it brought groundbreaking changes in the world of communication. However, the old traditional methods such as SMS and MMS are diminishing rapidly and are gradually getting substituted by chatbots and other instant messaging tools that have powered a new wave of customer engagement. As an interactive tool, chatbots can communicate with humans and easily understand their language to reply similar to what we do. In fact, with the time progressing, this software programs are capable of even tackling the complex conversations. According to a reports of the Business Insider, there has been a tremendous growth of the messaging platforms since the year 2015 and it has even overtaken the social media networks. And once can certainly say that mes...