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Misty: is a career counselor, blogger, and educationalist. She is known for her exceptional blogging skills that allow her to write articles on different academic and career topics and engage students. She has a strong liking for Picasso and has a collection of his artworks.

6 Things You Should Be Mindful Of In Any Office

To start off, no this article is not about advising you on how to maintain cleanliness at the workplace or of your workstation (although you should). There are a few things that you need to be mindful of in office premises upon which your reputation hinges. Don’t worry, this piece isn’t meant to scare you off either (ok yeah slightly). Let us see what those things are: 1. Be mindful of your political beliefs Political beliefs pretty much sum up your personality or speak volume about you. If for instance, you are a supporter of the Democratic Party cause which granted legalized status to same-sex marriages in States, you may be considered as a sympathizer of their lot or even be considered as one. I mean come one let’s be frank when it comes to numbers what percentage of the world is seriou...