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Mudassar Ali is a content creator in CyberSmart! It has been 2 years in cybersecurity writing, and the primary focus is to secure www!

Cyber Essentials Certification: A Shield From Cyber Criminals

Are you in need of a shield against most of the cyber attacks to protect your business venture? To protect your Information Technology infrastructure from criminals and misusers, certify it with Cyber Essentials Certification and live with a peace of mind. Cyber Essential is a government-backed scheme that helps your venture to be protected from cyber vulnerabilities and attacks. This scheme was introduced by the government to ensure that online businesses and data are secured from unethical usage, to avoid reputation and revenue loss. It is crucial for IT professionals to keep up and ensure that every security need are maintained. A small breach in the cybersecurity can result in the complete loss or misuse of your company data. Cyber hackers always look for exposed vulnerabilities in unp...