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Myron Monets is a Marketing Assistant at Mobilunity. He is passionate about IT and modern technologies. As the company provides dedicated development teams, he is able to gain experience right from the developers and stay up-to-date with the trends.

What You Should Know About Ukraine’s Booming IT Sector

Today, the Ukrainian IT market is primarily an export industry aimed at selling software development services and various R&D projects. Therefore, the growth of the IT industry in the future will directly depend on the competitiveness of Ukrainian programmers in the international market. Let’s discover the main characteristics of the IT sector of this country, its trends, achievements and driving forces. Main Facts About Ukrainian IT Sector The market for Software Development. More than 3,000 service companies, more than 1,000 startups, about two dozen R&D centers, half a dozen profile associations and up to 15 IT clusters operate on the market. Several of the largest export-oriented companies feel quite confident in the market and have long-term development prospects. Moreover, ac...