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Nancy Van Elsacker Louisnord is the president of TOPdesk US, currently responsible for leading the division’s business development, client acquisition and customer services efforts. Prior to launching TOPdesk’s North American division in 2015, she led the organisation’s expansion efforts in Belgium for eight years and was responsible for TOPdesk’s operations there. TOPdesk develops, markets, implements and supports standard user-friendly service management software for IT, facilities management, HR, maintenance, complaints registration and the service desk for all sized organisations.

Why IT Should Be The Driver Behind Strategic Innovation

Research shows that organisations with an IT focus are more than 25 percent more profitable than competitors. Because of this, IT department members should be more involved in strategic organisational decisions, but the department is, however, too often seen as nothing more than an expense centre. For those that realise that this, they are likely to perform better. Even so, how can others bridge the gap between ambition and reality? The Dilemma Of IT Budget Restrictions What might surprise many is the financial impact that many IT departments face. For example, IT managers are expected to keep their organisation’s technology running smoothly, but they’re also expected not to spend too much money in the process. Even so, these same folks are not often seen as serious conversation partners w...