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Natasha Bougourd is TSG’s Lead Applications Writer, specialising in document management, IT support, Office 365, Dynamics Nav modules, hosted telephony solutions and business intelligence.

Telephony Or Chatbots: Which Reigns Supreme?

All businesses need a way for customers, both prospective and current, to get in touch with them. The way we communicate with our customers has changed dramatically over the years, evolving from letters to phone calls to email and now website live chats. Live chat, and chatbots in particular, are seen as particularly forward-thinking methods of communication, with a lot of customer demand. Over half of customers would prefer to chat to a person in real-time online over a phone call (Harris Research); what’s more, it’s the channel with the highest customer satisfaction rating at 73% (Econsultancy). It’s now unusual to see websites without live chat options. Chatbots are the next step up from live chat with support agents. Gartner has estimated that 85% of customer interactions will involve ...