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Nick Andrews is General Manager for EMEA and India at Zyme, recently acquired by E2 Open. He joined Zyme as Sales Director in December 2014 and took responsibility as General Manager, running the EMEA and India territories, in September the following year. Prior to this he was at Software AG where he focused on helping Financial Services organisation’s achieve business objectives faster. Nick has also held senior roles at IBM, and has a degree in Business and Leisure Management from Brunel University.

Data Drives Business Success

Consumer electronics companies are under huge pressure to compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace. The challenge is not only to reach ever more discerning customers and drive footfall into retail stores, but also in meeting customer expectations relating to the brand experience. And all this whilst increasingly ‘one step removed’ from the customer; given that the proportion of total indirect sales is expected to continue to rise over the next two years. In order to get the right products to the right store at the right time, brands need immediate access to information.  If they want to respond to customer demand and market conditions to change course as required, they also need to tighten links with supply and sales chains. Unfortunately, all too often, it is still the case that bus...