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Nick is Lead Technology Evangelist at Alteryx. In this role, he works within the company’s product management team to present its end-to-end platform vision with customers, acting as a product evangelist with analysts, data science communities and the wider public. Nick also holds a Ph.D in Information Science from the University of Sheffield.

5 Tips Once You’ve Found Your Stride With Analytics

With the volumes of data available to organisations only getting more abundant and complex, it can seem harder than ever for businesses to get a grip on their data. No longer is prowess in SQL or great skill in advanced Excel use enough to tame the big data beast. Although knowledge in these will certainly remain crucial in the business analytics sphere, many can sympathise that combining reams of fact tables into complex queries can be an immense source of tedium for even the most practiced Excel gurus. So those businesses that have made in-roads into the challenge already know a few things when it comes to the problems and some clever workarounds. But there are more effective and less effective ways to take the initial stages of data mastery into something truly transformational to the w...