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Nolan Braterman, Frontier Voice and Data, provides businesses with working, flexible, bespoke and price competitive communications solutions for more than 30 years. FVD is an independent supplier and carries a comprehensive, business grade suite of products to suit any type or size of company.

Is A Leased Line Right For Your Business?

As broadband speeds increase, the price of leased lines has decreased – making them more accessible and affordable. A leased line is a permanent network connection between two points, typically being the local telephone exchange (also known as the PoP – the Internet Service Providers Point of Presence) and a company’s premises. They are an ‘uncontended service’, meaning that the connection is completely dedicated to you. Whether or not your business chooses to opt for leased lines really does depend on three main factors: Users: A leased line is usually recommended for organisations with 20+ users in order to give them an improved user experience. Internet Usage: If your user count is below 20, a leased line may still be a good idea if your internet usage is high. For example, regular use ...