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As Scality’s Chief Marketing Officer, Paul Turner leads the marketing and positioning of the Scality brand and product. A storage industry expert, Paul, brings more than 20 years expertise in enterprise storage having held leadership roles at NetApp, Oracle and Cloudian. At Cloudian, Paul was Chief Marketing Officer leading all go-to-market and product management for this early stage startup. Previous to this, Paul led the Product Strategy Office at NetApp, where he guided their investments into FlashRay, Iongrid and CacheIQ. He also was the General Manager of the OnCommand Insight Business – which included Onaro and Akorri acquisitions. Under his leadership this enterprise software business grew to more than $60M and was recognised by Gartner as a leader in the Storage Resource Management market. Paul holds an computer science degree from Trinity College in Ireland.

What Is Object Storage And What Does It Have To Do With Parking?

Object storage is a highly-scalable storage model that manages data as key and value pairs in a single flat namespace. All storage schemes employ the concept of an individual identifier for a specific piece of data, such as a physical disk address in a block-based system like a storage area network (SAN), or a file name in a network attached storage (NAS) or file system. In object storage, the keys are the identifiers for the data objects (values) stored within the system. The values are the actual data payloads, or to reinforce the nomenclature, they are the “objects” in the object storage system. Analogy: Valet Parking Object storage gives us a way to store and retrieve objects via keys— to illustrate, think of object storage as a valet parking system where you hand over your ticket (the...