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Professor Peter Debney is a chartered engineer with over 30 years of engineering experience. He is a Member of the Institute of Structural Engineers and a Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor at Bradford University, where he teaches design and computational engineering. Peter is the application specialist for the pedestrian and structural programs at Oasys, the software house of Arup. Peter has particular interests in nonlinear analysis, optimisation, and artificial intelligence applications.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Build The Construction Industry

The construction industry has already witnessed the use of artificial intelligence within its workplace. Machines are used to carry out physical tasks such as bricklaying, and are used to support project planning phases. Indeed, machines have their own complex form of understanding via algorithms that allow them to collect information and use it to solve problems and tasks. From design to construction, we’re with Oasys, specialists in column design software, looking at the ways the construction industry is beginning to use AI effectively to complete projects.    Artificial intelligence: the four categories We are exploring the four main components of artificial intelligence in use within the construction industry: Design & planning The planning stage of construction benefits from the h...