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Pierce Ivory is the Marketing Director at Advance Systems, a company that provides world-class enterprise workforce software. Involved in digital since 2010, Pierce completed a Master’s degree in digital marketing getting first class honours. He specialises in the field of people operations and HR management for B2B software companies.

15 Career Lessons Successful People Live By

Most people in today’s society spend the majority of their time working, which means that our career progression and satisfaction has a massive impact on our lives. People often learn the secrets to happiness and success at work later in life, and wish they had discovered them when they first started on the career ladder. To avoid this, you need to learn from the best. Take the advice of some of the most successful business people to achieve success and satisfaction not only in your career, but also in your life. 1. Don’t Stick To A Rigid Career Plan You may not have found your dream job yet, and in a world where technology and business are advancing rapidly, you might not even have heard of your ideal career yet. Stay open to new possibilities and opportunities, and be flexible in y...

The Best Cloud-Based Business Software Solutions

Over the past couple of years, it seems that everything is moving to the cloud. Since businesses have realised that cloud-based software offers increased security, affordability, and are highly scalable, they have become a major part of enterprise solutions. Everything from employee management to project coordination can be handled using software that stores information on the cloud. This allows immediate, secure access to information, while helping to cut costs on IT and security.  So, what are the best cloud based solutions for businesses? This will depend on your individual business needs. But, to get started, take a look at the following options to find out what the cloud has to offer. 1. Accounting & Invoicing Software Cloud-based account and invoicing software simplifies the meth...

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