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Reg Hastings has recently started to monitor his employees’ online activity. After some initial difficulties, he has found that he is able to significantly improve his businesses’ productivity by doing so.

4 Steps To Use Monitoring Software As A Strict Preventive Measure

Part of the beauty of using monitoring software to observe and supervise how your employees are using work computers is that it can act as a preventive measure. In other words, the simple fact that you are tracking computer-based activity can in itself help to reduce time wastage and increase productivity levels. If you were to use an application such as WorkExaminer as a preventive measure, however, it is important that you take full advantage of that potential. Simply put it all boils down to your approach, and that is why you will want to take the following steps in particular: 1. Publish A Written Policy Regarding Computer Usage & Improper Use Every business should have a written policy that outlines how work computers can be used as well as any limitations, and defines what is dee...