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Richard founded Fordway in 1991 and has built it into one of the UK’s most respected IT infrastructure change providers. Six years ago he led a major investment in infrastructure, staff and training to enable Fordway to supply managed cloud services, which now provide approximately half the company’s total revenues. Richard is a member of mentoring and CEO development group the Academy for Chief Executives. He is an RFU level 2 coach and Surrey RFU referee, drums in a rock band and is a keen sailor.

Why Technology Is The Least Important Aspect Of Moving To The Cloud

For most organisations these days the key question is not whether to adopt cloud but when is the right time and what services to move. The decision is primarily a strategic one. Like any major infrastructure change, it needs to be driven by a compelling event – a move to new premises, a need to refresh your existing infrastructure, the end of an outsourcing contract or a major organisational change. If you’ve recently made a big investment in your data centre, wholesale migration to cloud is probably not for you at the moment. Moving to cloud is in effect just another infrastructure migration project – with one further complication, which can make it three times as long and five times as complicated as you originally thought. The good news is that the technology decision is the easy part! ...