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Richard Kemp, Founder of Kemp IT Law, is widely recognised as one of the world’s top IT lawyers and has 30 years’ experience in the industry. He has built an outstanding reputation for advice that combines commerciality and client service with innovative legal solutions to the business challenges of technology development, deployment and regulation. Kemp IT Law is a leading IT law boutique practice, with a pre-eminent reputation for undertaking matters in relation to regulation, intellectual property and IT law.

Cloud Computing: Software Patent Claims And The Risks To Service Availability

As the public cloud services market continues to mature and grow – up from $178bn in 2015 to $209bn in 2016 according to research company Gartner – the concentration of computing resources into cloud data centres is increasingly attracting the attention of NPEs as a target for patent litigation. At a time when data security and privacy risks are front of mind for cloud service providers (CSPs) and their users, the intellectual property (IP) risks to cloud service availability posed by NPE patent claims are rising up the business agenda. NPEs (Non-Practising Entities) are businesses that assert patents through litigation to achieve revenues from alleged infringers without practising or commercialising the technology covered by the patents they hold. NPEs are uniquely well placed to mo...