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Richard Stinton is an Enterprise Solutions Architect at iland.

Disaster Recovery: Choosing The Right Provider For You

I wrote an article recently which centred on Gartner’s prediction that the Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) market would grow from $2.01B in 2017 to $3.7B by 2021. In my opinion, one of the main drivers for this rapid level of growth is the fact that it is ‘as a service’ and not the complex and expensive ‘create your own’ environment that it used to be. As a result, this has made DRaaS much more accessible to the SMB market, as well as enterprise customers. But, as the list of DRaaS solutions grows along with adoption rates, it’s important for customers to carefully consider how their choice of cloud provider should be influenced by their existing infrastructure. This will help to avoid technical challenges down the road. The Concept Of Disaster Recovery Before I delve into the...

High In The Sky Or Lost In The Fog? Navigating The Complex World Of Cloud Pricing

Businesses migrating to the cloud are understandably enthusiastic about realising all the benefits of scalability, flexibility and economy that the best cloud offerings can deliver. However, many encounter a stumbling block when confronted by the complex array of pricing models offered by different providers. Making sense of all the different options can be a major headache along the path to cloud adoption. Back in 2013, a report from analyst firm 451 found that cloud pricing was excessively complicated, and blamed the immaturity of the market for the lack of clarity and standardisation of offerings and pricing. This was making it very difficult for customers to compare different vendors and indeed sparked the creation of several cloud comparison indices in a bid to resolve the problem. Fo...

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