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Rick Hammell, CEO of Elements Global Services has been in the Domestic and International PEO arena since 2008, most recently as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. He developed and grew his former PEO through its split from its parent company, where he served initially as Director of Human Resources for a short period before becoming Vice President & COO. Under his leadership, the PEO became a fast growing, risk diverse and high profit return Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) in the industry. He holds a Bachelors in Business Administration with a focus in Human Resources and Journalism, SPHR certification and is an active participant in several organisations, including the SHRM, CI Institute & NAPEO.

How Brexit Will Impact Ambitious Businesses Expanding Into Europe

June 2016 saw the EU referendum make history and for a year and a half since, a good deal of the column inches in the British press. Progress in determining what the future looks like has been slow, leading to a lot of uncertainty over what the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union means for business in Britain. The current situation is less than ideal given that economies can flounder when uncertainty and ambiguity swirl around a country’s future. The triggering of Article 50 is already having an impact on the investment decisions of two out of five businesses which, 98 per cent of the time, is negative, according to the Confederation of British Industry. Even more worryingly, Brexit Secretary, David Davis recently admitted that the nation should be prepared for a “paradigm change” in t...