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Rob Cook is a Senior Analyst at Flashpoint. Rob is a dynamic and well-rounded All-Source Intelligence and Physical Security Analyst with 20 years of multi-discipline intelligence experience. His background includes managing and developing personnel security, physical security (certified DoD Physical Security Inspector), and operations security programmes for the Department of Defense. Rob’s positions have entailed tactical-level intelligence collection and reporting, providing pattern-of-life analysis and biometric tracking of high-level personalities, as well as strategic-level positions requiring POTUS level assessments on foreign military operations and counterinsurgencies. His work in the private sector focuses on cyber threat actors, such as hacktivist and patriotic hacking collectives. Rob has held Vice President positions within two large financial institutions, where he served as a Senior Analyst on their respective cyber threat intelligence teams.

Inside A Twitter ‘Pornbot’ Campaign

Analysts recently investigated the trend of adult entertainment-themed Twitter bots known as pornbots. These bots post tweets with hashtags containing popular brand names alongside random, unrelated terms. The observed set of pornbots appear to be a mix of compromised accounts and accounts specifically created to advertise pornography. As such, organisations mentioned in these bots’ pornographic advertising campaigns on Twitter may suffer reputational damage, in addition to distorted social media engagement campaign metrics. In recent years, Twitter has become a primary form of external, two-way communication and engagement for organisations across all sectors. For example, companies often use hashtags to monitor the spread and reception of marketing campaigns and sponsored events. More cr...