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Rob Pickering is founder and CEO at IP Cortex. Previously, he has held a variety of technical roles and fondly remembers the days when he was a proper engineer and wrote a TCP/IP protocol stack from scratch for a microprocessor vendor.

Planning To Maximise AI Customer Experience

Delivering a positive customer experience is an important differentiator for many businesses, and AI and machine learning are now poised to transform business communications, introducing automation to make it much more effective. Many businesses are already automating some of their interactions, for example customer service centres are frequently using chatbots or automated assistants to help direct calls or answer the most basic enquiries. But what’s needed for fully automated customer service is much more than ‘chatbots’. It’s a huge leap from the current theory and practice of AI, but, with the right foundations it will be achievable. There are three key steps businesses can start down the path to get there. 1. Apply Context Artificial Intelligence becomes exponentially harder if you st...