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Rob is an RTS & Evcom award winning and three times BAFTA nominated video producer. With 17 years in the TV industry as a director, producer and editor, working on some of the best loved primetime TV series; Rob has now moved into the commercial sector creating content driven, high-end internal and external communications, videos and events, for some of the biggest global brands in the world.

What’s Inspiring About Technology Companies’ Video Content?

Video content and technology companies are a perfect fit. Need to explain how to use a software product? An explainer video is the perfect solution for walking customers through the product. Need to demonstrate the benefits of a technology solution over a competitor’s or legacy system? Video is great for highlighting the key facts in a visually memorable way, and making a compelling case for purchasing the product. But technology companies are not just using video as an alternative to a wordy product description or as part of their knowledge bank. Some are also using it to inspire their prospects and communicate brand values and culture. Video has been instrumental in changing our perception of what a tech company looks like; from nerdy IT guys who talk in technical jargon, to hipsters ent...