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Roman Sannikov is the Director of European Research & Analysis at Flashpoint, where he specialises in leveraging intelligence derived from Russian-language communities within the Deep & Dark Web to help organisations combat cybercrime and mitigate risk. A fluent Russian speaker, Roman has spent nearly two decades studying cybercriminal activity within the Russian underground and has extensive experience working as both a translator and cyber intelligence analyst in the public and private sectors. During his 21-year career with the FBI, Roman served as a translator for numerous major cyber cases involving Russian-speaking actors. He has also had the privilege of interpreting for several high-profile individuals, including former FBI Director Robert Mueller and former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Most recently, Roman supported Russian-language data collection and intelligence reporting as a Senior Intelligence Analyst at CrowdStrike. He holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Russian from the University of Albany.

Europe’s Hacktivists Set Sights On Political Entities

The tumultuous state of global politics that defined 2017 continues to shape the motivations and schemes of a wide range of adversaries. In October, CNBC reported two Czech election websites were hacked and that, after Catalonia’s independence referendum was ruled illegal, the website for Spain’s Constitutional Court was taken down by a DDoS attack. These are just two of many examples that align with a trend Flashpoint analysts have observed in recent months: the proliferation of hacktivist activity targeting European government and political entities. In September 2017, Flashpoint analysts observed multiple hacktivist-fuelled DDoS attacks targeting several websites belonging to ministries and individual public officials in multiple European countries. Although these campaigns have been di...