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Ron absorbs technology and business trends and filter outs what matters. He uses it to guide his clients in understanding how to apply technology to radically transform their business. Rob believes in finding a natural fusion between business and IT, in proper timing, in seeking the ultimate simplicity within the technology landscape. He is a master architect, an IT strategist, a publicist, a speaker, a counsellor and a certified disruptor.

AI: Pick The Low-Hanging Fruit For The Best Yield

We’ve all heard the doomsday rhetoric around AI and automation. It’s all gone pear-shaped, the robots are approaching, and they are coming for you en masse. AI is advancing at lightning speed and it is not only going to revolutionise the way we live, work and breathe but – to put the cherry on the top – it’s coming for your job. Time to flee? Well, not quite. Despite what you’ve heard on the grapevine – it’s not all Skynet and VIKI. Recent Capgemini research shows that AI is already starting to transform how organisations do business, manage their customer relationships and motivate the ideas and creativity that fuel ground-breaking innovation. More importantly, however, and contrary to popular belief and scepticism, the majority of companies surveyed in the report revealed that AI has in ...