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Ruchi Gupta is a professional blogger who has immense knowledge about creating reader-friendly content. She is well known for her writing guest posts that have been featured on many news sites.

Advantages And Benefits Associated With Rigid-Flex PCBs

As clear from the name; rigid-flex PCBs consists of both flexible as well as rigid circuits. This way the benefits of both flexible as well as rigid circuits can be brought together into one picture. In most cases, the rigid circuits carry the majority of the components while the flexible circuits act more like a join or a connection between the rigid sections of the printed circuit board. The major application of rigid-flex circuits is in the military and aerospace industry. Depending upon the product the design is rigid, usually, where additional support is required and is flexible around the corners and on the sections which need some more space. However, there is not a single design for a rigid-flex PCB as you can animate your PCBs using an innumerable number of ways depending upon the...

The Infinite Possibilities Of AI And A Digital Workforce

One of the most commonly cited fears with the development of artificial intelligence is that AI will eventually replace human workers. From science fiction films that depict AI robots overtaking human civilisation, to misleading reports that predict a massive loss of jobs in the coming years due to businesses taking advantage of artificial intelligence systems and platform, there is certainly a well-documented human fear of becoming inept and incompetent as technology advances. However, more serious research find that AI is already creating more jobs that it replaces. One recent report finds that by the year 2020, AI technology will contribute to the creation of 2.3 million jobs, which is half a million more jobs than the 1.8 million jobs that are set to become obsolete due to the advancem...

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